We just played the Red Ants Pants festival in Montana. With a sky full of stars and a field full of music lovers, we were totally inspired. Me and my girls will be making a few detours on our way home… xobc

Please allow me to introduce 
Evangeline Ruth Carlile,
Born June 15th.
Welcome to the world kid!

Just woke up from the magical mountain adventure that was Telluride!!! We had an absolute BLAST!!!!
The altitude nearly killed me, we got to fly in a private jet because of due date proximity and I STILL managed to throw back a little jamo (Jameson) and throw my neck out head banging!!!
We love you Colorado!
See you next year at Red Rocks!!!
Damn it I wish it wasn’t over!

Here’s a pic from our Fight The Fear Campaign official launch in Seattle yesterday. As you can see these women and girls are kicking ass!

We are so excited to announce a summer full of FREE self-defense workshop for teen girls in Seattle. Help us spread the word of this fantastic opportunity and share this with mothers and teens that you know. Registration is easy - just email ftfcampaign@gmail.com

In their own class teens relax and feel comfortable discussing their fears and asking tough questions. They’ll get honest, accurate answers in a safe space. In 3 hours, they will learn:

- How a teenager can protect herself when dates get scary
- Signs you need to get to a cell phone and call home — now
- Surprise moves to get free if you’re grabbed from behind
- What to expect, and do, when you get to high school or college
- How to stay safe and still have fun at parties, athletic events and class activities.

All of the details are available on our website:

Please join us and Fight The Fear!


Studio sessions part 7…

Studio Sessions - Part 6….

Who can see Tim’s ghost?…

Part 5… Sorry couldn’t resist! xobc

Part 3…. Don’t worry I promise it makes sense in context! xobc